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Day 15-16: Nice, France and Monte Carlo, Monaco

from Photographs of Europe, May-June 2002 by Tim Darling     (Click on the photos..)

Saturday, June 1 - Nice, France

I stayed with my aunt and uncle and two cousins in their house a few miles outside of Nice. I walked around the beach there in the morning before meeting them. It wasn't that spectacular. Clearly the best spots in that part of France are the smaller towns in the hills and the less famous parts of the coast. France's smaller towns are its best.

The rest of the day I spent watching some of the World Cup like a true European and visiting a couple smaller towns nearby with them. Their house is very nice. It sits on the side of a steep hill looking down at the Mediterranean in the distance.

We ate dinner at a restaurant called Le Dragoniére. (The dragon's lair? Apparently adding '-iére' to the end of a word in Italian turns a noun into the container of itself, such as: Zucchero -> zuccheriera; sugar -> sugar bowl) When she put down my salad, the waitress also put down two half carafe-sized bottles on the table with white and red liquids. Having been raised in the US, I naturally assumed they were oil and vinegar and poured them on my salad to the astonished looks of everyone else who of course knew they were red and white wine. It wasn't bad though, I might do it again.

Sunday, June 2 - Monte Carlo, Monaco

We went up to Monaco and Monte Carlo before I had to leave by another night train to Pisa. My ticket said I would get to Pisa at the convenient hour of 3 AM.

Monte Carlo is about half of Monaco which is of course a country the size of a small city surrounded by France and the Mediterranean a few miles from Italy.

The Monte Carlo Gran Prix (a car race they have through some streets in the city) had taken place a week earlier but some of the steel railings, advertisements, stands, and tire marks were still there. Apparently these things put the drivers of Monaco in a mood to forget that the race had in fact ended.

While sitting in a café outside the Monte Carlo casino, I watched a Ferrari pull out of a nearby parking space.

Day 17-18: Pisa, Florence, and Siena, Italy

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