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Photographs of Virginia Coalition, 2003-
by Tim Darling             (See more photo projects)

I met Virginia Coalition (Vaco) through the Worry Stones. They're from the DC-area but they tour all over the country. I saw them play for the first time in a rain-covered tent at Georgetown University. The energy they could summon from themselves was contagious and you didn't have to look far into the crowd to see it. They were bigger than the space they were playing in and I think that would've been true if there wasn't a canvas over our heads. Band's site

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Promo photo

9:30 Club (Washington D.C.), December 20, 2003 - Click here

9:30 Club (Washington D.C.), July 12, 2003 - Click here

Georgetown University (Washington D.C.), April 25, 2003:








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Your Comments

Tim...your pics ROCK!! Good job, buddy!!

-- jenniferlillienthal, April 29, 2003
I missed the show unfortunately, but these pictures seem to capture the energy that I expect from a VACO show. The pics are great. Awesome job!

-- Steve Beggs, May 6, 2003
Awesome pictures Tim!

-- Scott Dumais, May 12, 2003
i was at that show and it was awesome!!! one of the best concerts i've been to

-- , Jun 8, 2003
wow! absolutely amazing shots. don't think i've seen anyone capture the band so well. thank you.

-- heather e, June 21, 2003
vaco is the bomb, i hope they can live up to phish and spread, there awasome and im inlove with them, more then either one of them and i could see it but they need to see it too. you are heady, rock on dudes.

-- Wee Wee, July 16, 2003
I saw your show last night at Eastern Michigan University you guys rock I am looking forward to seeing you guys again. Paul you are so sexy!!!!!

-- CASSI, Nov 10, 2003
Just wanted to let you know, thanks so much for the brilliant performance at the Moravian College Concert in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Dougie and Bryan were the 12 yr old boys at the front of the stage for your show, and seated on the side stage at O.A.R.'s show! We enjoyed your music as much as O.A.R.'s!!!! All of you are awesomely talented! Hope to see you at another show soon! Have to take dad out next time!Jane and Dougie Billig

-- Jane Billig, Nov 23, 2003
Steve, we miss you.

-- Josh, Feb 6, 2004
Great performance at Hoodang, (UVA, Chi Phi Fraternity), come to grounds as often as you can!

-- Alfred Griffin, May 2, 2004
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