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Photographs of Virginia Coalition
9:30 Club, Washington D.C., 12/20/2003

by Tim Darling             (See more photo projects)





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Great pictures, you may have answered this on your website somewhere, but what type of camera do you have and what filters do you use? Your camera takes such clear, color-defining pictures.

-- Missy, Jan 5, 2004
HIIIII! We saw you guys at the O.A.R. concert in Worcester, and Hannah's middle name is now going to be changed to Paul(ine). We love every one of you and it is our dream to meet you. Thank you so much for sharing your amazing music with us. You are our idols. Keep on workin the keyboard Paully!

-- Hannah and Hilary, Jan 16, 2003
Hi! I saw you guys at UNH and in Worchester with oar. My friend jen and i met andy outside of the pilladium in worchester. You guys were amazing.....i have never seen a show like yours guys are awesome and you are going to go a long guys are amazing musicians!

-- Lindsay, Jan 30, 2003
Seriously You Guys Put on The best show outta ne band out there! You Guys Freggin Rock!!! Come BAck 2 9:30 Soon!!!!

-- drew livingston, Feb 4, 2004
hey i saw u in memphis at mud island you guys are freakin awesome especially on the bongos come back this year

-- rob, Mar 22, 2004
I'd like to agree... i've seen a million shows by a million bands... on large scales and small scales... and you guys by far play with the most heart and energy out of anyone i have ever seen... absolutly no other band i'd rather see live... so rock on my friends... indeed, ya'll have something special...

-- Chris, Mar 29, 2004
Hey just wanted to say I saw you guys play last summer in Cleveland and you were great. You put on a hell of a show and your music is really good. I have most of your stuff now and spread your word around. Just wanted to let you know you have some definite listeners who appreciate your great music.

-- justin, Apr 29, 2004
Hey Guys, Just saw you guys for the first time on a cable access channel-- You guys rock! Had I known, I would have been at the Herndon Festival '04 to see you live. Love the sound and the way you play your hearts out. Don't change your style. LB

-- Laura Berry, Jun 27, 2004
yall put on a hell of a show, saw you guys at randolph macon at the "stone henge" great show, i caught a drum stick and it is now the crowning emblem of my music collection, rock on

-- Milam, Jun 30, 2004
i have never seen you guys in concert, but my cousin burned me a copy of a show performed and i was amazed. i just bought rock and roll party (great cd). come to cincinnati!!!!!!

-- ben johnson, Jul 2, 2004
Dude you guys are so awsome. You guys and O.A.R. are the best bands ever. Tim Bray my guitar teacher said you go to Apple Music sometimes. I just thought that was pretty cool. Later

-- Ross Bagby, Jul 9, 2004
you guy's fucking rock. Best band I've seen live. ever

-- chris, Jul 12, 2004
You rocked at Reicher Theater in Towson, MD. I think paul might be my soulmate???

-- Cole, Jul 15, 2005
Cool site.

-- Pat Williams, Apr 15, 2008
Nice...way better than I thought

-- Bill Freedman, Jun 11, 2008
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