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Photographs of Virginia Coalition at the 9:30 Club   (7/12/2003)
by Tim Darling             (See more photo projects)

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Hey this is Sandy and I was just at your show at Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham, Alabama. I was checking out your website and found the photogallery and stuff and I was just looking. Ya'll were the coolest band. Ya'll all look good in the first place and stuff adn you had a great performance. Thank you so much and you should come back to birmingham. I will see ya later. It was great. thanks. love always, Sandy Schultz:)
*The drummer is the coolest* ya'll are all sexy though

-- Sandy Schultz, July 25, 2003
I have yet to see you guys live, but from what I've heard through friends and Jack's House, you guys are tight as shit! I can't wait until you come back to the 9:30 club, I'll definately try to make that show!

-- Ally, Aug 3, 2003
Please come back to Ohio soon!

-- Molly, Aug 5, 2003
Saw you guys in Winooski, Vermont. Wow you guys rocked!! Super cute as well!!!! Thanks for the great show!! Come back soon.

-- Donna, Aug 6, 2003
I saw you guys the other night in Winooski VT for the first time. You guys were awesome. I was lucky enough to meet your bass player and your key boardist. Hope you guys come back soon:)

-- Leeanne, Aug 9, 2003
We saw you guys the other night at the Higher Ground as well. Such a nice surprise to have the opening band rock! We became instant fans. Come back to Vermont again soon!

-- M & M, Aug 9, 2003
Hey my name's sarah. you guys rock. you are like the most amazing thing ive heard in a long time. me n 3 other chicks saw you guys at toads place in CT. We got to talk to the bassist and we went next door to get pizza with one of you guys too. The cool chick in the rock shop gave us stickers too. it was the most fun ive had in a long time. i hear you guys are coming back to CT in like november or something (the bassist told us, i think) and i cant wait to see you all again. you guys kick ass!

-- Sarah, Aug 10, 2003
Your music is great. Ever think of adding a fiddler player, female with a voice? You guys rock!

-- chris, Aug 11, 2003
Give da' drummah some

-- Muck, Aug 11, 2003
I saw you guys last night in Corpus Christi, Texas. Y'all threw a great show! I expecailly liked the bongo parts and if u remember the blow up doll and vibrator on the stage.... that was really funny. thanks for the great show. Hope to see you guys again in Corpus!

-- Cassidy, Aug 23, 2003
Went to the concert in Corpus Christi as part of my birthday celebration, ya'll made my day! This was the first time that I have heard your music and I will own all your cd's! Rock on!

-- Kathy, Aug 27, 2003
PLEASE come to rochester, NY.. i really love your band but havent had the chance to hear it live. I think you came to milestones a while ago... but come bac

-- karen, Sep 1, 2003
Just wanted to say that you guys kick ass! I've seen you play about six times now. And I have to say that the show in St. Louis at the Pagent was definitly my favorite. My friends and I drove 6hrs to see you play. You guys rock!! Come to back to TN soon

-- Courtney, Sep 2, 2003
just wanted to say that you guys rock. you guys came to our school and were freakin awesome. come back just might not get paid, but you can still come back (maybe, prom? yea? sweet!)

-- Sarah, Sep 12, 2003
Hey! I saw you guys in Baltimore at PowerPlant way back in June. My friends and I were the ones there at the soundcheck before the show. Andy, you dedicated Nicole's Song to my friend Nicole. I just have to tell you guys how awesome you are and that show was the best show I've ever been to. You guys have to come back to Baltimore really soon. We miss you!!!

-- Annie, Sep 15, 2003
Please come to Austin Texas soon we need some VACO down here

-- tower, Sep 17, 2003
Hi! I saw you guys at the Taste of DC. You were great. I am very diverse when it comes to music. I listen to mostly R&B, rap, and alternative pop. When I stood there and listen to you all, I was amazed. You had a some funk, soul, and even played go-go music. What I like the most was that the crowd was so diverse. There were people dancing together of all ethnic backgrounds. I even brought you cd. I listen to your cd all the time.

-- Anitra, Oct 15, 2003
VACO, YOU ARE SO GREAT!!! You are my favorite band ever! I spend all my time thinking about you and listening to your music and gazing at pictures of you, especially Steve. Is he is married? Let me know. Anyway, you were great at Taste of D.C. and 9.30 club, I will see you again any time you come near here. Or, I will skip school and travel to see you. Anywhere. I LOVE YOU!!!!

-- Laura, Oct 20, 2003
I just heard and saw you play for the first time at Elmira with O.A.R my favorite band. You really have a kickass band and now are my 3rd favorite band. Your music is so ill and you know what it takes to please the listeners. Especially Paul he goes nutz on the keyboard and the wood block. You really have a phat band and i loved it so much im going to GENESEO tommorow to see you again. Oh yeah and thank John for the drum sticks me and my buddy both got one that he threw into the crowd. Keep the music comin.

-- Josh Wood, Nov 20, 2003
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