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Photographs of The Worry Stones at the 9:30 Club

Washington DC, January 2003

by Tim Darling ((click for email))             (See more photo projects)

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-- Mark, Jan 16, 2003
Damn I look good

-- Tim, Jan 17, 2003
This group of pictures captures these guys the best I have seen them on film so far. I am truly impressed.

-- Kristie, Jan 17, 2003
Whoa, that is my friends and me in pretty much all the pictures... The three white girls and the Asian girl (me). The Worrystones were really great, and the pictures are *SO* amazing. They are amazing for being "concert pictures" as well as amazing for just regular artistic beautiful pictures.

-- jinnyjang, Jan 20, 2003
The band looks great on a REAL stage!! Looking forward to more "big" venues.

-- Linda and Bert "Worrystoners", Jan 21, 2003
yall are really good, i liked u more than vaco!

-- eileen, Jan 22, 2003
I want to hump the drummer.

-- Abe, Jan 31, 2003
The new bassist is so sexy - I love his pouty, unshaven aura.

-- Huguinho, Feb 3, 2003
Nice pictures. It has been too long since we came out to see you all. Will do soon, though. Glad to see you guys are doing well.

-- Theresa (of Theresa, Tina, Christie, Mary and Linda), Feb 21, 2003
i just looked this site up in the middle of class and found these pictures and started laughin cuz the worrystones played at my friends house for like a charity thing for some disease...i remember them cuz they were soo good...there awesome...i cant believe they played at the 930 club...good for them

-- KC, Feb 8, 2005
These guys are the best in Music, and the best in Friends if memory serves me right! I remember.... when they were BURN! Im the FIRST of many fans. Love you T&E!-

-- jesie, Oct 29, 2005
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